Moncton gun club



Commencing in 2006 the Club has staged a series of shooting events in order to determine a Club Champion. These events consist of shooting 25 wobble trap targets, 25 sporting (five-stand) targets, 25 regular skeet targets and finally 25 sixteen yard trap targets.

 The Club Champion has his/her name engraved on the Championship Cup that is left in the trophy cabinet at the Clubhouse and also gets the privilege of having the best parking place at the Club. This does not include of course bragging rights.

 Winners to date are as follows;


2006 – Ray Woodill      2007 – Brent Pettipas 2008 – Robert Sidler
2009 – Robert Sidler 2010 – Frederic Duke 2011 – Ray Woodill
2012 - Norman Mawhinney 2013 - Regan Steeves 2014 - Peter Davis
2015 - David Cox 2016 - Peter Davis