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About MGCIncorporated in 1947, the Moncton Gun Club Ltd. (MGC) has been New Brunswick’s premier destination for clay shooting. Situated 10 minutes from downtown Moncton, in Lower Coverdale, on the bank of the scenic Petitcodiac River, this venue has long been considered as having the best presentation of Trap and Skeet targets of any club east of Montreal. These fields are the finest in Eastern Canada, facing the right direction so that all targets are silhouetted against the sky.

The MGC is a member owned club operating as a Not for Profit. The club has a volunteer board of directors and the club’s operations are managed by volunteers. The MGC is focused on creating a safe and fun environment for existing members, experienced shooters as well as welcoming new to shooting guest/members. The club encourages individuals, small groups and corporate groups to join us offering a customized experience based on the guest(s) needs. You need only to reach out to the MGC via “Message MGC” to discuss how we can work with you.

IN THE BEGINNING…The year was 1931, and skeet was in its infancy, when three individuals from Gunningsville spearheaded the first skeet field in the Moncton area. This was just two years into the “Great Depression”. The first skeet field was built on the south side of the Old Coach Road, where Court Street intercepts. The name of this first club was Mountain View Gun Club and was built by Gunningsville members and during the next year others became interested and a healthy increase in membership took place. By 1935, the club moved to the Pine Glen Road area and changed its name to the Moncton Gun Club. The club was situated on the east side of the Pine Glen Road, at the entrance of what is now McAllister Place. A few years later the club moved about 4 miles west of the Gunningsville Bridge in Upper Coverdale, on the north side of the Coverdale Road. At this time and location there was only one skeet field. Due to growing membership the club expanded and was relocated and moved to Cherryfield. Three skeet fields were built and faced east into a background of dense spruce woods. Two manual trap fields were also installed at this time. In 1947 the Moncton Gun Club was incorporated and became the Moncton Gun Club Ltd.

In 1965, it was decided the time had come to find a permanent home for MGC. A 13 acres piece of land in Lower Coverdale was chosen and purchased. Construction commenced and five regulation skeet fields were constructed. In addition, two in-ground trap houses were constructed. The clubhouse was relocated from Cherryfield to the new property.

In 2004 – 2005 the Club purchased a building that had been constructed for use as an office for the Canada Games. The building was remodelled and a large deck was installed overlooking the Petitcodiac River.

In 2011 major renovation work consisting of building two additional ATA regulation trap houses as well as rebuilding 4 existing skeet houses. At the present time the Moncton Gun Club has four regulation (ATA) trap fields equipped with double Pat-Trap along with a wobble-trap. The club also has 3 NSSA – approved skeet fields as well a 5-stand (sporting clays) set up which is popular with both long time and new members.

In 2023, the MGC renovated the interior of the clubhouse as well as constructing a new deck overlooking the Petitcodiac River.

If you have interest in shooting trap and/or skeet or simply wish to hone your shotgun skills for hunting please contact us.