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MGC Faqs

Here you will find answers to many common questions we receive.

If you have other questions, please don’t hesistate to send us a message using our contact form below.

The MGC is a private club that operates as a not-for-profit. The club is owned by the membership and is operated by a volunteer board and volunteer members. The club is a clay target shooting club offering traditional skeet, trap and 5 stand shooting. MGC DOES NOT offer handgun or rifle shooting at this facility. The club also offers archery.

We welcome anyone interested in joining the club to first drop by and talk to us.

Yes.  A visitor is someone who has little to no shooting experience.  Requires the club to supply them with the required PPE/gun/ammo.  Visitors must book 48 hours in advance to come shoot.  Start by contacting us well in advance using the Contact Form below.

Yes.  Typically a guest is someone who is a member at another club or someone who has been invited by a member to shoot.

Please check Range Hours here as hours of operation are subject to change without notice due to weather, special events, etc.

You do not need a license or permit to shoot at MGC as long as you are shooting with a club member who has a valid PAL. No license is required for archery.

Please fill out our contact form indicating when you would like to shoot and how many will be attending.  Also, indicate if you will require a firearm(s) and ammunition and if you have any previous experience. NO previous experience is required. You will be asked to pay 24 hours in advance via E-transfer on the agreed amount. Your payment is ONLY refundable if the shooting is cancelled by MGC. Upon arriving to shoot you will be required to provide your name, address, telephone number and sign a waiver of liability. You will be required to wear eye protection and hearing protection while on the fields.

Ad hoc instruction is available depending on your experience level. Please contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs.

Spectators are welcome but cannot be on the fields at any time. Must remain well back from the fields.

We can customize a program that will allow you to maximize networking opportunities or team building in a FUN and SAFE environment. We have a full kitchen facility and BBQ’s that can add to the experience of your group. Please contact us to customize a program based on your needs.

We hold events on a regular basis and suggest you follow the Moncton Gun Club Facebook page for check here on our Events Calendar.

Most traditional hunting shotguns 12 gauge or smaller. Most target loads being shells of 2 ¾” (NO 3” or 3 ½”). Shot must be lead (NO Steel) and no larger 7.5 in size( NO 6, 4 or 2 for example) and have a muzzle velocity of 1300fps or less.

It depends if you possess a PAL and the gun and ammunition meet the requirements of the MGC. Please discuss with us prior to coming to the club.

Federal Government of Canada issued PAL is required by law to possess, purchase, own, transport/use a firearm in Canada. NOTE: If you are a guest at MGC and you will be shooting with someone who has a valid PAL ( a club member) you are not required to possess a PAL to shoot.

Insurance is provided to members through the National Firearms Association (NFA). More information can be provided upon request of a member.

No, the MGC does not sell guns or ammunition